(In honour of a killer exotic dancer)

Aurora is one of those unique and spiritually divine creatures I have been close to who shunted my perspective and changed the way I see the world. She was a stripper with a dark and dangerous diamond heart that I met downtown one warm summer night when I was entirely manic, but still undiagnosed with bipolar disorder. Aurora wore a cat cream smile and moved like a feline too. She was a one-of-kind. She also used heroin. This is a somewhat abstract poem about my one and only experience with the drug. Aurora has her own chapter in my bipolar memoir, Clown & I. But it is relevant because self medication for people who have been diagnosed with, or indeed remain undiagnosed with, bipolar disorder.



Dockets fill my pockets

Gooseflesh sweeps my skin

Crabclaw takes my head

Climbing time, overdrive

Sunset powerlines overhead


Ecstasy wills my mind

A flesh den’s where I’m going

Aurora is my girl

She has this body odour

Her aroma steals me hot


Precious manic, and

Aurora prowls for Faith No More

Ready to make love concrete

Locked and loaded

This night will move Orion


A timber home, a forest

Candle, smokes and flame

A brown and boiling fire

Heroin will consecrate

Butterfly enlightenment


Calm takes us

Embrace holds us

This night won’t end

This night ends tonight

Seismic night

Forever night


Forever Aurora














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