Clown & I Review:

“Pass me vodka! The Clown is pussy, dotard bitch! I rain nuclear hate on Clown’s flophouse. Then I eat his hussies and minxes.”

– Kimmy Jong Un (Rocket Man)

The Bipolar Clown’s and my comedy is driven largely by bipolar themes of hypersexuality, impulsivity, substance abuse  and grandiosity, which is why I like to have fun celebrities and make naughty memes. For me, truth merges into an oh-so-realistic fiction when I get high. This is when I get to write about graphic, smoking hot BDSM sex with famous people. As my alias/nemesis, the Bipolar Clown’s humour is also fueled by mayhem, destruction, calamity, frustration at idiots and fools, the absurd meatheadedness of world leaders and the presence of fucktardness rife amongst the idiot masses, myself included.  Hence, all of the celeb and political leader quotes littered across the book cover and throughout this website and social media pages. The Bipolar Clown plans to take the piss out of me, and you, full throttle, including the worst of my behaviours while under the influence of glorious mania. That mania that drives impulse like sunlight drives the day. This is the stuff that feels so good and then, before you know it, you’re laying on your back in toxic sweat, quoting Faith No More, playing Everything’s Ruined on repeat. And it’s all the more tragic, and harrowing, because it’s possibly true. Now when I search back in time to inspect my wasteland, I prefer to see it sunny side up rather than poached to death in guilt and shame. Guilt is thy enemy. And quite besides, I’ll express my experience with mental health however the fuck I choose.

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